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Brexit The Movie

Watch the whole thing.  This is, quite simply, the most important film you will watch this year – if you’re from the UK. Comments from the site: from Clare Swift: Great. Anyone not sure which way to vote should watch this – By the end, you’ll be left in no doubt that Vote Leave is our only sensible option....

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Remain Spending Double Thanks to No.10 Extras!

From Guido Fawkes: ‘The Electoral Commission have released the first batch of pre-poll referendum campaign donations today: Remain Conservatives IN Ltd – £362,534 European Movement of the UK Ltd – £57,494 Michelle Ovens Ltd – £95,000 Scientists for EU Limited – £60,000 The IN Campaign Ltd (‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ – designated lead campaigner) – £6,883,684 Total: £7,458,712 Leave GO Movement Ltd – £12,000 Grassroots Out Ltd – £2,039,925 Leave.EU Group Ltd – £3,200,000 The Bruges Group – £10,000 Trade Unionists Against The European Union – £22,000 Vote Leave Limited (designated lead campaigner) – £2,786,500 WAGTV Limited –...

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British Steel Report written by Consultants to the EU

From Guido Fawkes: ‘Despite the evidence that EU taxes and regulations contributed to the decline of the British steel industry, the Remain campaign are spinning hard that Brussels actually helped Tata Steel. A report by consultancy firm CE Delft was pushed by the Guardian this week, claiming Tata benefited overwhelmingly from European Emission Trading Schemes (ETS): “No other British company has benefited from the EU’s emissions trading scheme as much as Tata Steel”. Who funds CE Delft? The firm’s website lists clients including the European Commission and the European Parliament. Indeed 14% of their clients are EU institutions. He who pays the...

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Own Goal as Remainer Attacks Project Fear!

Guido Fawkes: ‘Theresa May has blasted Remain campaign scaremongering as “nonsense“, admitting “of course” Britain could cope outside the EU: “I want to deal with several arguments that should not count. The first is that in the 21st century Britain is too small a country to cope outside the European Union. That’s nonsense. We’re the fifth biggest economy in the world, we’re growing faster than any economy in the G7, we attract nearly a fifth of all foreign investment in the EU, we have a military capable of projecting its power around the world, intelligence services that are second to none, and friendships and alliances that go far beyond Europe. We have the greatest soft power in the world, we sit in exactly the right timezone for global trade and our language is the world’s language. Of course Britain could cope outside the European Union.” And here is the killer line on what remaining in the EU means for immigration: “Free movement rules mean it’s harder to control the volume of European immigration, and that is clearly no good...

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Labour MP Frank Field says we are better out!

Guido Fawkes: ‘Labour’s Frank Field made the left-wing case for Brexit on the Daily Politics: “many of the social rights, which are trumpeted about as European, were ones which we actually took into Europe. It’s not that in fact somehow workers in this country were bereft of rights until we joined the European...

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Cameron Buys Union Support for Remain in Return for Political Favours

Guido Fawkes: ‘Bernard Jenkin has accused Downing Street of a stitch up over their Trade Union bill u-turn. Did ministers deliberately abandon the manifesto commitment to look at the way unions donate to political parties in order to secure funding from unions for the Remain cause? “Trade Union leaders have been complaining they are unable to campaign effectively for a remain vote in the EU referendum while the Government’s trade union bill has been threatening Trade unions and their funding. The trade union bill would have implemented a Conservative manifesto commitment, and I quote, legislate to ensure trade unions use a transparent opt in process for trade union subscriptions….Yesterday the Minister’s concession was wholly unexpected and my Right Honourable friend for Grantham and Stanford announced his decision to abandon the opposition in this change to the bill…It has been confirmed to me, from two independent sources that Number Ten instructed these concessions to be made after discussions with trade union representatives…This being true would amount to the sale of government policy for cash and political favours…Mr Speaker this stinks. This reeks of the same of Cash for Questions. This shows this government really is at the rotten heart of the European...

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