I’ve heard of cat burglars before, but this one really takes the cake (literally!).  Milly, a 10 year old Moggie has decided a life of crime was in her blood.  Three years, she started collecting items from around the neighbourhood.  Her loot consists of cuddly toys, sponges, doormats and anything else she can drag back to stash back home.

Why is it cute when she does it, but when I try, the police throw me in jail?  It’s not fair, I tell you.

More pictures of her and her loot at The Sun

'cat burglar' Milly who has amassed a large collection of cuddly toys acquired during her travels around the neighbourhood. A mischievous moggy has been dubbed the real-life cat burglar as it cannot stop stealing from neighbours - including piles of cuddly toys and household goods.See story SWCAT. Feline Milly has developed an addiction for pinching anything she can get its paws on - and has baffled her owners with the wacky items she has acquired. The cheeky cat has been hoarding all the 'stolen' items at home - including scores of clothes, cuddly toys and assorted household goods. And things have now got so bad an appeal has now gone out in a bid to return each piece to its rightful owner. Owner Angie Hannaford says ten-year-old Milly has been collecting the bizarre goods for years but has recently been stepping up her 'criminal' activity. As well as socks, sponges and draught excluders, she has also keen to show off her strength - by even bringing back heavy door stops.

Cute, cuddly and with the taste for the finer things in life