It would seem that there are some people not listening to the gloom and doom that the pro brexit soothsayers are proclaiming.  I wonder why that is?

Could it be because they continue to be completely wrong?

Founded in Hong Kong in 2015, the bank’s UK office is being led by Claire Hoey, a former Lehman Brothers and Rothschild investment banker.

The investment in a London office comes at a time when many international banks with European bases in London are seeking to expand elsewhere in Europe ahead of Brexit in March 2019.

“As part of our international expansion, we have chosen London to become our main European platform to help bridge capital and investment flows between the Asian and Western markets,” Hoey said.

The bank’s European chief said: “London will always be the HQ for Asian investors, especially the Chinese, who see it as a platform for Europe” (Source: Getty)

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