Brexit is happening. Britain has invoked Article 50 of the EU treaty, starting the 2 year clock on the process of its leaving the European Union. The EU is in serious trouble, more so than Britain itself.  At question is the very justification for its existence.

If the EU makes Brexit easy, it faces the risk of other restive member states also walking out, which would leave the EU an irrelevant shell of its current self. But If it makes Brexit hard for this reason, its will destroy whatever moral authority it has.

After all, how can it be ok for a bureaucratic cartel to seek to frighten democratic states against leaving by inflicting punishment and suffering if one tries to?

But that’s precisely what the EU is going to try. Its bureaucrats are most averse to giving way to something as grubby as the will of the people, not when they have managed to get all Europe leashed and tied down with red tape, running according to the arrangements made by the EU politburo.

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