While the current government continues to delay Brexit in the hopes the problem goes away, the remoaners have come up with a new tactic…

In a week when Theresa May’s government sought to reboot its Brexit plans, those Remainers dedicated to the (legitimate but ill-advised) campaign to block Brexit decided to reheat one of their most obnoxious and noxious claims.

I am referring to the argument that the 2016 vote has become increasingly invalid because – to put it bluntly – those who voted Leave have been dying out. The latest Remain-supporter to build a campaign group on the back of the fact that their opponents are closer to grave than cradle is 27-year-old Femi Oluwole, the co-founder of Our Future, Our Choice. According to Oluwole, “In five years’ time, by absolutely anyone’s maths, we will have a population that voted to Remain in the EU.”

But I’m not dead yet; A still-living Remoaner. Photo: Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty Images

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